The First Days….

Posted: February 27, 2012 in The Beginning, Uncategorized

This week was filled with nervous excitement, like the first day of school.  What to wear, what will people think, how will it feel to be back in the clinic, back to doling what I LOVE…. as a man….  I know no big deal right?  For me it was HUGE!!!!! Though nothing has changed on the outside that I think most people can see… sooo much has changed within me since I began the process of becoming who I am….

This week I have been met with nothing but well wishes, congratulations, and talk of what a brave thing I am doing.  I have been taken aback by the kindness which my patients have shown me, it is more than I ever imagined.

I have been curious how this change would be part of my practice, with starting it when I was not practicing, it was hard to know.  With no routine, the ups and downs that I have been experiencing have seemed to be so much on the extreme…. this week with a routine, and a sense of purpose, diving back into what I LOVE, the ups and downs so far have been low-key.  For this am very grateful…. I did not and do not like those severe swings.

I have found that I feel different at work….. different in a good way though… I am a very intuitive person, and it has always come out in working with people.  This week, it is apparent to me that the more I become my TRUE self, the more I will tap into ALL the things that make me a great healer, a great practitioner… just an overall great person…..

I feel I have been blessed in that I have a career that I LOVE, and that I can move forward into my TRUE self simultaneously.  Pam has been wonderful this week… she has listened to me pradle on about this, that and the other thing when it comes to work.  This was one of the ways that I knew I truly missed being the full me…..

I love stepping into this path that I have been in search of for so long.  There has been soo much pain to get here… more than I even realized, more than I think I ever wanted to see…. It is nice to be without having to fit into the rolls that others see for me, or want for me, or even that I think I need to be in to conform.  There has been so much compromise in my life, little things that I never realized were compromised, all in the name to make someone else ok, someone else happy, fit into someone else’s view of who I am….

  1. Laurie Weber says:

    I’m so happy that you are finding your true self and that it it brining you so much joy!! Congratulations on getting back to work and enjoying what you do best. Please keep posting how you are doing…there are many people who care about you and what you are going through. 🙂

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