Hi!!!! Welcome to my blog Robbie’s transition.  I am Robbie and I am in the beginning stages of changing my gender from female to male, and these post are my story.  There is no rhyme nor reason to any particular post, it is just about what is going on with me during this time.  I do this just as much for me as my friends and family.  There is sooo much that happens with a process like this, I want to capture the experience for those who might be going through the same thing, thinking about transitioning, who care about me…..

I am a professional in the health care field, and I know with a process like this there are huge amounts of health care providers who do not know how to deal with a person who has or is transitioning.  I hope to be an ally for those who have gone this road before me, with me or after me.

Thanks for reading.



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